Sunday, May 26, 2013

Crochet - Doilies and other itsy bitsy

Crochet work ... The closest thing to my heart...

Half moon

Star Burst Doily. Jan 2016

  Gifted it to a friend very close to me  

   "Forget -me- nots" - A different interpretation   

  Close up shot  

  A Layered one..  done on Ma's request :)  

   Another interpretation of Forget-me-nots   

   "An English Garden"   

   "An English Garden"  - Close up shot   

Completed this during X-mas holidays 2012

Adorning my dressing table...

Done for Mom's Birthday 2014

Chantilly Doily...
Isn't this gorgeous?
Loving it!

This Doily took me about 2 months...
"Romantic Pineapple Doily"
Gorgeous Spirals

All together... Beautifying our dining table... :-)

Random creation.
Table cover in making. Long way to go, though.
Yay. 3x3... Progress!!

First filet crochet...
Framed it!

A colorful way to start your day!

Happy V-day!

Just to lift the mood...

Something for me... finally...

Sweater, socks and hat for my sis-in-law's daughter... 

Cutie Booties

   Bee in the bonnet :)   
  Just landed from Neptune!   

Made this one while in US, lonely in hotel room.

   Reflects the conflicts of my mind at that moment   

A Little Detour... Big plans for this one, though

   Frock for my darling baby girl ... for coming winter :)   
  Crochet and a bit of glitter...
Rakhi that my baby girl will send to her cousin brother in Kanpur  

"I have completed all my crochet projects" - said no crocheter ever

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