Sunday, May 26, 2013

Misc. - Paintings, Handicraft and this and that

With my creation, just to show the scale

My one-and-only Mural. Made with broken wall tiles. Did this in 7 days.

Reuse of old CDs

Reuse of old CDs
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WARLI art on old cardboard piece... Proud of this one!!

  Lion mask made with cardboard and paper shreds... joint effort :)  

Coffee-stirring sticks. And toothpicks. Recycle. Reuse.

Matchstick art. Random pass time.

The Cross V

Reuse. Recycle :)

My one and only soft toy.

oil on cloth

a waste basket
My first try at quilling

Baby's frock
Old Egg casket

For PK's B'day. Once upon a time.....
Paiting done for "Daaker Saaj" at office, 2012

Movie-themed Durgapuja decoration in office, 2012.
This was one of my paintings.

For our office's "Safety Week" Poster competition, this is my entry!

I felt it is very relevant in today's scenario

  Glass painting on ceiling-light  (Picture taken with the fan to give a perspective)
Done a l-o-n-g time ago (1995?). Additional accessories by Baba


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