Monday, June 10, 2013


Quilling - the new form of art I started to learn and pursue from mid-2013. I have already created a few pieces so I thought Quilling needs its own post rather than staying in the "Misc." post... If you enjoyed viewing the following creations, please leave your comment below. :) ... Stay Creative, and Happy Crafting!

Presenting the latest favorite: THE CAT!!

And the OWL!!

A very old one, done in 2010, just the first try:

2013. The second try. This time resolved to learn it properly
The FIRST one made with a quilling tool and
quilling paper strips. Thank you
   This one (pen box) created for Pops ... Father's day 2013   

  Father's Day Card ... 2013   
   Baba loved it!! Yay.   

  My first big project - Right after I started learning Quilling...   
  Progressing slowly... Anyway I am proud of it...  

  Ok. Finished finally. Loving it and going to frame it soon :)  

PK's Birthday Card - 2013

Details : PK's Birthday Card - 2013

Details : PK's Birthday Card - 2013

Diya's Birthday Card - 2013
Details : Diya's Birthday Card - 2013
Framed IT!! Adorning my living room!

     Made this on Diwali (literally, the festival of light), 2014    
Ma's Birthday card, 2015

Ma's Birthday card, 2015

  Just made this photo frame from an old desktop
calendar frame and a photo print, some felt paper  


   Details of Photo Frame   

Details of Photo Frame

  Jewelry Box... made for a friend   

  Details of jewelry box  

  Details of jewelry box
  Details of jewelry box  
  The compartments inside  

  Penbox... for a colleagues's girlfriend :)  

Started off with the basic elements
And... Completed... (Done for a colleague, again. These are her parents)



A Quick Little Gift for my Sis
Photo from our honeymoon. 2008

A friend ordered car hanging

        To say I Love You         

Hubby took it for decorating his office desk :)

Just a random greeting card

B'day card 2015 for my sis 

B'day gift for hubby

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  1. Sayantani,lovely quilling , love the tree!!
    Did you have a look at some of the other bottles I painted recently ...


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